Wanda the Wonderful Update summer 2014

Our world premiere at the Oak Cliff Film Fest in Dallas, TX packed the house! We had a very enthusiastic response to the film, which was extremely exciting and gratifying. Our Wyoming premiere and subsequent screenings were also really well received. The film screened in Worland for an entire week, filling the theater each night. Some people went for second and even third viewings of the film.

Letter to the Editor, Northern Wyoming Daily News
Worland, Wyo, Saturday July 12, 2014:

Dear Editor,
Ten years ago my husband and I turned off our television. Too much violence, commercials and just plain garbage, mindless junk on television. We talk to each other, read and have hobbies instead. As far as movies we’ve seen a few but mostly stopped watching them too, they are so full of violence and are also stories that are unrealistic fantasies.

Wanda the Wonderful was a movie we took a chance to watch in the theatre this past weekend. What a wonderful job Carolyn Macartney made with the story of her grandmother. The way the story was put together bringing in the actual pictures with the scenes with the actors, interviews and back and forth made it enjoyable and reminded us all the way through that this was a documentary about a real west persona. It was fun recognizing some of the Locals who played the parts as well. Didn’t realize there are so many great actors, thespians, in the Basin.

We enjoyed Wanda the Wonderful very much. I would like to see more true life stories made this way in the future and I hope Carolyn plans on taking on another person in history in her next adventure. I will be on the lookout for another work by Carolyn Macartney. I have been urging friends and family across the nation to see Wanda the Wonderful in the theatre if they get a chance where they live.

Carla and Jim Thomas
Thermopolis, WY

We got a lot of positive press coverage too, please see the “Press” (make hyper-link to press page) page for more info.

The next film festival season will be upon us soon, please check the “Upcoming Screenings” (make hyper link to screenings page) page for the most up to date details. Our next screening will be at the White Sands International Film Festival, in Las Cruces, NM, Sept 3 to 7, 2014.

Film posters sold like hotcakes at the Worland screening and we ran out! We now have more film posters for sale from our new “SHOP” page, where we will also have the DVD’s for sale once they become available.

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