“Wanda the Wonderful” is about a gun slinging wild-woman, a story about family, sacrifice, struggle and the American West; about what it means to forge your own way; and the realities behind a glamorous and exciting lifestyle.

Born in 1900 in the Chickasaw Indian Territory, Wanda grew up to be a rebel, a woman who toted guns and wore pants when skirts were the norm. Opting for career and independence over motherhood, Wanda joined the circus to escape a ne’er-do-well husband. She traveled the world as “Wanda Savage,” entertaining audiences large and small with her sharpshooting act. Along the way, she bore seven children by four different men, performed in Western movies as a stunt-double in Hollywood, and worked at “The Ritz Hotel”, a brothel in Thermopolis, Wyoming. It was at The Ritz that she met her fourth and final husband, a sheep rancher named Carl Hampton. Wanda and Carl lived happily ever after, until the mistakes of Wanda’s past caught up to her. In an act of passionate recklessness, Wanda shot Carl.

Filmmaker Carolyn Macartney never met her grandmother Wanda. Growing up, Macartney had heard bits and pieces about her, taboo subject though she was. Inspired by the intrigue and wild stories, Macartney wanted to know more. She wanted to find out who this mysterious woman Wanda really was. This film is the result of Macartney’s quest to bring to light the story and character of her amazing, adventurous, passionate and fallible, sharpshooting grandmother Wanda.